Which Cuski is right for you?

A question we often get asked? Which Cuski should I choose for my little one?

We don't have the right answer but we hope this comparison would give you a better idea of which you would prefer. A friend once said baby comforters are a bit like rescue dogs - sometimes the right one picks YOU!

So, let us start off with the basics - what is a Cuski? 

Cuski is a simple, naturally safe alternative to pacifiers, dummies or soothers and is made from a naturally soft, washable fabric that has the unique ability to capture mummy’s (or daddy's) own unique scents. 

How do I do that? We recommend keeping Cuski close to your skin before passing it on to your baby. And by that we mean, tucking it into your top at feed times or sleep times and if need be, taking Cuski to bed with you - so that it will take in all your comforting, unique scents and smells. 

These scents will stay with Cuski so that when the time comes to settle your little one down to sleep, pop Cuski in too and the closeness of you will stay with your baby as they drift off to sleep, leaving them feeling secure and comforted.

Suitable from birth, Cuski has all the qualities a child looks for in a comforter - softness, suck-ability, sheer lovability and of course, a label to twiddle with. But unlike a traditional blanket, it can be easily replaced if lost or damaged.  

Furthermore, Cuski’s unique shape would stimulate your child's imagination. They say a round shape is the first shape a baby recognises.

Cuski is fully tested and conforms to all relevant UK, European and International safety standards and is being used in Special Care Baby Unit and neonatal units in hospitals in the UK. They are recommended by midwives and are the ONLY baby comforter in the world with its own written NHS protocol for use in hospitals.

Over half a million Cuskis have been sold to date worldwide and are adored by babies and toddlers in over 30 countries around the world. 

Our packaging is recyclable and bio-degradable, thus helping to reduce the carbon footprint. And, in case you were wondering ... Cuski is the anglicised version of the Welsh term ‘CYSGU’, meaning to sleep.

So, now that basics are done. What is the difference between a Cuski Original, a Cuskiboo, and a Mussi?

Cuski Original
  • The first comforter created by Cuski, hence named as Cuski Original
  • Used by many families and is a success which lead to the development of Cuskiboo
  • Made from Cotton Terry which is scent absorbing, soft, durable and breathable
  • Available in attractive colours - stripes and solids
  • Ethically sourced and Oeko-Tex certified
  • Made in Turkey 
  • Made from 100% ultra soft bamboo rayon fibre that is absorbent, eco-friendly and has anti-bacterial properties
  • Greater scent retentive properties vs cotton terry
  • The only baby comforter with its own NHS protocol
  • Comes in solid colours
  • Ethically sourced and Oeko-Tex certified
  • Made in Turkey 
  • Brand new to the Cuski family!
  • Made from 100% bamboo muslin, known for its super-soft, tactile and breathable properties, in addition to the usual bamboo fabric properties
  • Perfect for babies who love their muslins but don't have a Cuski!
  • Comes in a wash bag to prevent snagging during machine wash
  • Ethically sourced and Oeko-Tex certified
  • Made in Turkey

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