Cuskiboo Creamee Boo Comforter

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Cuski's award winning Cuskiboo, voted as the Top 10 Baby products in the UK by parents.

This little fella is Creamee Boo and it has been used in the Paediatric ICU to help patients and parents/siblings with separation anxiety or for comfort. Cuskiboos are multi award winning comforters and are the only baby comforters (other than Miniboo) in Europe with its own UK National Health Service (NHS) protocol.

Cuskiboo is a calming, safe and a healthy alternative to other infant comforters or sleeping aids. The most amazing find midwives discovered during tests with new born babies, was because of the extra absorbency Cuskiboo holds, and in those early days when mummy/baby scents are so crucial. Cuskiboo not only carries mummy's scents to baby but carries baby's scent to mummy, so this is ultimately beneficial for mummy/baby bonding and also helps to bring on mummy's milk flow, thus helping to make breast feeding easier.

Cuskiboo is made lovingly from a special bamboo yarn which has many wonderful properties. It is ultra absorbent, anti-bacterial, and importantly eco-friendly. Bamboo is highly sustainable and grows organically without the need for harmful chemical pesticides or fertilizers. It has a very short growth cycle, is easily cultivated and is totally bio-degradable. Additionally, when growing bamboo, it absorbs all those nasty green house gases and produces about 35% more oxygen than normal trees. 

*Safety Awareness : Please note all babies need monitoring, and especially with items of clothing, muslin squares, toys, comforters, cuddlies & bed linen. Some parents prefer to tie knots in the legs and arms of Cuskis or attach to stroller or cot with babies who are ultra active while sleeping. It is recommended that all tags and labels should be removed from children's comforters, blankets, toys and accessories where possible. 

**Safe sleep guidelines recommend that no items should be left in the cot over night until around 6 months+ when baby has good hand/eye/mouth co-ordination.  All Cuski products are fully tested, and used in UK hospitals. 

*** Please note, Cuski is a comforter, NOT a teether. If your child decides to chew or suck on the fabric, it will damage/wear. We cannot be held responsible for damage that has occurred to Cuski through chewing or sucking the fabric. Constant chewing and sucking to any fabric/garment/soft toy will go into holes/damage/fray. 


Safe, Functional, Consistent & Fully Machine Washable (up to 30 degrees Celsius).
Material: 100% bamboo with a virgin cotton head
Product dimensions: H48 x W17 cm
Weight: 0.2 kg (including box)

All Cuski products are ethically made and Oeko-Tex certified.

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