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Cuski Miniboo Pinkee Comforter (Twin Pack)

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Award winning Miniboos come as a twin pack - one for mummy and one for baby! 

Primarily, Miniboos are used with babies who are born too soon. They are part of the developmental care programme on the Neonatal ICU or Special Care Babies Unit in UK hospitals. When babies are in the incubators, and poorly, it is advised not to over handle. This means mummies and daddies cannot always have those precious cuddles that help with the important parent/baby bonding process. 

This is where Miniboo & Cuskiboos come in. Mummy keeps Miniboo on herself to pick up all those lovely mummy smells and then places it next to baby in the incubator so that baby can smell mummy. Then mummy can keep swapping the 2 Miniboos so mummy can smell baby too, which in turn, if breast feeding, will help the milk flow. 

Research from midwives have also noted that Miniboo has helped lower baby's blood pressure. 
Can also be used with twins that have been separated. 

Adheres to all safety regulations required.

Please note, in most units plush toys are NOT allowed in incubators, Miniboos and Cuskiboos ARE allowed in the UK hospitals 

*We recommend to use Miniboo from premmie up to 3 months old, after this time it is advisable to graduate onto the normal sized Cuskis, unless you are using them for weaning off big Cuski at nursery or reception. 


Safe, Functional, & Fully Machine Washable (up to 30 degrees Celsius).
Material: 100% bamboo with a virgin cotton head
Product dimensions: H19.5 x W12 cm
Weight: 0.2 kg (including box)

All Cuski products are ethically made and Oeko-Tex certified.

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